We regard our key objective as delivering bespoke solutions and services to each client based on that client’s specific needs.

Ensimini is the Zulu word for ‘ploughing field’. It encapsulates the culture and work ethic at Ensimini Financial Services (Pty) Ltd and Ensimini Administration Services (Pty) Ltd.

We seed, nurture, grow and support our clients in all aspects of their employee benefit arrangements with the same care we would if it were our own.


Ensimini Financial Services

Ensimini is a financial services group specialising in employee benefit solutions and products. Ensimini consists of two companies; Ensimini Financial Services (Pty) Ltd and Ensimini Administration Services (Pty) Ltd. Although Ensimini is still regarded as a relatively new entrant in the field of employee benefit services it has a wealth of experience in all the necessary areas of employee benefits. Collectively our senior team has in excess of 100 years experience in various sectors of the employee benefits industry.

Ensimini operates on the credo of building our business by attracting and retaining exceptional skills from the industry via individuals and teams who have a strong code of ethics and proven track records. To that end we match Ensimini’s culture and philosophy with the expectations of all stakeholders, i.e. to add value to our clients within the paradigm of employee benefit schemes and related structures.

Our core value is client focus.

  • By recognising that each client has unique needs, we have developed expertise across a complete range of business /administration processes, products, services and industries.
  • In line with our roots we concentrate on the ultimate stakeholders of the employee benefit schemes – the members of the retirement funds and members and beneficiaries of insurance arrangements.
Of equal importance to this aspect is the operations of a retirement fund and through the collective experience of the team of professionals we employ, we help anticipate how changes in the industry and new solutions intersects with opportunity. Our resources provides innovative solutions to the ever changing landscape of the employee benefits market and helps Trustees and members of employee benefit schemes to capture opportunity, increase efficiency and build sustainable long term value.

Our business structure and culture ensures that there are no language or cultures in South Africa that we do not understand or appreciate, which enables us to become a valued-based service provider to any organisation and/or retirement fund.